Our Work on Campus

We the members of Oxfam at SU, work in alignment with Oxfam America and participate in a global movement for change. We campaign to stop unfair trade rules, demand superior health and education services for all, and stand with deprived peoples such as refugees. We also campaign to combat climate change which has adverse effects on not only our planet but also on its inhabitants.

Here, at Oxfam at SU we will hold benefit concerts, Oxfam Jams, teach-ins, panels, and movie screenings, in addition to lobbying and other awareness events. Our efforts in supporting Oxfam can change people’s lives. We can help farmers in Ethiopia rebuild their communities, give children in Syria access to water and light, or provide disaster relief to earthquake survivors.

Past Activities & Events:

  • Oxfam Jam Spring 2016 – benefit concert in support of Syrian Refugee Crisis (2016)
  • Tabling to Stop Tax Havens at a Ra Ra Riot Concert  (2016)
  • Food Drives for CNY Food Bank & Community Care of Syracuse (2016 & 2017)
  • Ugly Food Challenge – event to raise awareness about food wastage (2016)
  • Women’s Empowerment Panel as part of Gender Equality campaign (2017)
  • Self-Defense Workshop on International Women’s Day and another one during Domestic Violence Awareness Month (2017)
  • Fundraiser for the Famine crisis in East Africa & Yemen (2017)
  • Hunger Banquet to raise awareness about food insecurity (2017)
  • We also volunteer locally to support the following organizations in Syracuse: The Rescue Mission, Meals on Wheels, Community Care of Syracuse, and the North Side Learning Center.

Stay tuned for more posts about our campaigns, events, and initiatives! For more information email oxfam.syr@gmail.com